Kirk Andrews

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for NRG

The Vela band really helps target muscle groups which otherwise aren't strengthened as intensely. For example, squats with the band forces you to push your knees outward keeping them in proper position over the toes and better targeting abductors. It is very comfortable and doesn't pull on your skin allowing you to focus on workouts and proper form. The band is perfect width and the tension is tight enough to provide ample resistance without impeding proper form.

Juliana Ehlin

The band is comfortable against the skin (unlike the rubbers ones at most gyms that hurt when the tension is increased. The band also has just the right amount of tension for squats and working the legs. The material is durable and doesn't weaken over with use.

Devon Day Moretti

Coach @devondaymoretti

I was absolutely floored when I tried the VelaBand. Out of various bands I've used, there's almost always a huge design flaw: easily snaps, not enough resistance, too much resistance, or doesn't stay in place. And in my opinion, there's nothing worse than being half way through an exercise, only for a band to uncomfortably roll up your legs and pinch you in the process. The VelaBand covers all of those blemishes - the material is thick, comfortable on bare skin, easy to put on, doesn't move out of place, and has just the right amount of resistance. If you're sick of bands that break mid workout and pinch your skin - I highly recommend going with the VelaBand. It'll last long-term and you're getting more bang for your buck.