Product: VELAband

What is the VELAband?

The VELAband is the go-to resistance band for squats, lateral band walks, and hip bridges that does not break, rip, roll up or dig into your skin when you use it. It is the best resistance band for travel, gym and home workouts. The design (camouflage) makes it stand out wherever you are making it a functional accessory with style. Correct your squat pattern, increase resistance on body-weight movements and make progress on yourself in style.

When to use the VELAband?

The VELAband is great to use when you are looking to advance your bodyweight movements and are not yet ready for barbells, kettlebells, etc. Another great use for it is for the more intermediate and advanced lifters who is short on time or has a long workout ahead of them. The VELAband allows you to do a dynamic warmup so that you can get "under the bar" sooner and save time.

Where to use the VELAband? GYM 



Who is the VELAband for?

Women & Men: (18-45)

             1) Define your glutes

             2) Strengthen your glutes

             3) Workout with Swag

             4) Save Time in their warmup

             5) Workout while Traveling 


             1) Perform their dynamic lower body warm up with no problematic rubber bands digging into your skin or rolling up.

              2) Feel the muscles of the lower body working immediately


Overview - Benefits of the VELAband

Form Correct - Improve you squat pattern and avoid knees caving in (+)

Resistance - increase intensity to body-weight exercises with the VELAband

Efficient - Save time putting on the VELAband with no unnecessary rolling, twisting like ordinary rubber bands

Effective - Feel glute recruitment in just a few steps!

Sturdy - will not twist or roll up on your leg

Durable - built from high strength thermoplastic polymer fibers the VELAband will not rip like your ordinary rubber workout bands 

Time Efficient - Shorten your warmup with a dynamic warmup to get under the bar faster. 

Convenient for Travel - The VELAband is the perfect size for you to stuff it in your luggage to get your workouts in while traveling for work or vacation.

Style in Mind - With a never before seen Camoflauge design, you will turn heads in the gym.

Great Progression tool - If you're new to lifting and do not feel comfortable jumping straight into the barbell, the VELAband is perfect for you to progress from body-weight to banded workouts.



You get access to workouts and a video exercise database below.

2 Free Downloadable Workouts - Receive 2 free workouts that can be done at home, at the gym or while traveling. CLICK HERE to go to the downloads page for your awesome workout. 

Free Video exercise database - CLICK HERE To watch exercise videos demonstrating how to do several exercises.


Kirk Andrews

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for NRG

The Vela band really helps target muscle groups which otherwise aren't strengthened as intensely. For example, squats with the band forces you to push your knees outward keeping them in proper position over the toes and better targeting abductors. It is very comfortable and doesn't pull on your skin allowing you to focus on workouts and proper form. The band is perfect width and the tension is tight enough to provide ample resistance without impeding proper form.

Juliana Ehlin

The band is comfortable against the skin (unlike the rubbers ones at most gyms that hurt when the tension is increased. The band also has just the right amount of tension for squats and working the legs. The material is durable and doesn't weaken over with use.

Devon Day Moretti

Coach @devondaymoretti

I was absolutely floored when I tried the VelaBand. Out of various bands I've used, there's almost always a huge design flaw: easily snaps, not enough resistance, too much resistance, or doesn't stay in place. And in my opinion, there's nothing worse than being half way through an exercise, only for a band to uncomfortably roll up your legs and pinch you in the process. The VelaBand covers all of those blemishes - the material is thick, comfortable on bare skin, easy to put on, doesn't move out of place, and has just the right amount of resistance. If you're sick of bands that break mid workout and pinch your skin - I highly recommend going with the VelaBand. It'll last long-term and you're getting more bang for your buck.

VELAs Mission

VELAs mission is to build a community of like-minded individuals from all walks of life that are focused on growth and improvement. We do this by focusing on our core values (RESPECT/RECIPROCITY/GROWTH/COMMUNITY). We do this by being apart/hosting events, hosting workouts, meetups and providing quality fitness products with style while not losing any functionality to the fitness communities to help achieve their goals. We continue to be involved in our communities to educate them on our products, health and wellness and betterment of self.

Core Values





On my journey in life, I've seen respect take me many places and has allowed me and others to open up in ways before thought unimaginable because a baseline of RESPECT was established. When respect is given, it is usually shown back (RECIPROCITY) to the individual/ group/ community etc. (RESPECT) and (RECIPROCITY) shown by people allows for a community to really flourish (GROWTH) in ways unimaginable. It allows people to do great things to the workplace/gym/home and anywhere. Magic can be made here and this is what VELA stands by as we create our community.

As VELA grows as a brand, we will grow with the communities we are involved with. One hand washes the other.

- Raphael Velazquez (CEO VELA)

Raphael Velazquez CEO of VELA

CEO - Raphael Velazquez

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