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Our Mission

VELA is a premium fitness accessory company providing products to help our network of fitness enthusiasts, trainers and gyms reach their goals on their own fitness journey. We are here to help with providing a foundation to fuel your passion and help with directing your journey on the road to fitness excellence!

VELA is a Movement focused on developing greatness (mentally and physically) within ourselves, and all the people we come in contact with. We bring quality products with great precision on style and function.

VELA means candle and sail in Spanish. A candle is a foundation for a flame. The sails guide the boat to its destination. Vela is the fire from within that keeps you pushing forward when motivation diminishes. The sails guide us to our goals and on our journey. Be a part of the Renaissance.

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Raphael Velazquez - CEO

A strength and conditioning coach, Raphael Velazquez launched VELA to help fuel his clients’ passion for getting fit by developing lifestyle accessories that make working out fashionable, comfortable and fun. 

Raphael is trained in Karate, has a background in Exercise Science, and currently helps others obtain their peak performance as a strength and conditioning coach in the New York Metro at one of the area’s high-performance, lifestyle fitness clubs.

 Raphael’s intensity and passion for fitness is on display in the video “Impossible Happens”, which showcases the work of coaches helping train clients to achieve the impossible.