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I promise on keeping my focus on my people that I have the privilege of serving through all of my endeavors. This platform allows me to continue to help more people through training, creating products, hosting events, opportunities and much more to come.

This opportunity stemmed from an idea that has and will continue to allow me to bring you more to help you and your loved ones find peace and happiness with our time here.

This is one of my first gifts to the world.I vow and promise that I will continue to grow with those around me that are thinking about the betterment of others to bring about dope sh**@.

What I ask for in return is an honest unbiased review of the products and business. We care about what we do and what we are leaving behind on this earth.

In good health,
Raphael Velazquez


Born in New York, NY, and being born from immigrant Dominican parents, Raphael Velazquez has a passion of being impactful in his community, being a visionary and working towards a brighter future to leave this planet better than it was before he was here for others.

Being blessed with mentors at such a young age, Raphael is focused on leading the charge of the next generation by creating change through health and wellness, deep conversations and helping others win by opportunities and much more.

Follow Raphael on his social media accounts below and email him at


I’m a young mogul earning my stripes on my journey of impacting millions of lives. I am impacting lives by connecting on topics that matter in life to allow others to feel comfortable to be themselves and their best selves to succeed. To name some topics that I’m passionate about, they include physical and mental health, brotherhood, education, especially in urban communities.

Being apart of a men’s group called mastermind connect where we seek to enrich the life and legacy of every member, through the power of camaraderie, the sharing of bold ideas, and the common purpose of doing good works that make a lasting impact. I love playing basketball, having deep conversations on a wide range of topics and creating my empire, the way I grew up, as a family.

Regarding the work I’m focused on currently are:

    - Training clients
    - In person(1-on-1)/group
    - Online
    - VELA fitness accessories
    - Modeling
    - Consulting
    - Speaking Engagements

MY Training Philosophy

My training philosophy is simple. Attacking each component of fitness with intent and intensity. This is predicated by educating you on what we are doing, why we are doing it and then performing the exercise with intensity and focus.

From my time working with high level athletes with Rockland Peak Performance and training high performers at Equinox, it is all about the efficiency and effectiveness of the work being done. With my system, we will improve on all components of fitness to improve your overall energy, body composition, movement patterns, strength and get you to tackle your job, sport, hobby, and LIFE, with the same intent and focus all the while enjoying the ride and crushing you goals.

If you’re interested in working with me, collaborating and/or seeing what we can do together, email me at



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