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My training philosophy is simple. Attacking each component of fitness with intent and intensity. This is predicated by educating you on what we are doing, why we are doing it and then performing the exercise with intensity and focus. From my time working with high level athletes with Rockland Peak Performance and training high performers at Equinox, it is all about the efficiency and effectiveness of the work being done. With my system, we will improve on all components of fitness to improve your overall energy, body composition, movement patterns, strength and get you to tackle your job, sport, hobby, and LIFE, with the same intent and focus all the while enjoying the ride and crushing you goals.

1-on-1 Personal Training

My 1-on-1 private training allows us to work together (30 mins and/or 1 hour) where we focus on your goals, different components of fitness to attain the lifestyle, mindset and body you want.

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Lions/Lioness 3 month program

The lions/lioness program is great for you if you’re not in the tri-state area, in another country or prefer to work with me online and workout on your own. Get access to weekly group calls, nutritional experts and a network of amazing people.

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Group Training

The group training allows for you and your family/friends/team/company to workout together. Come together, focus on your goals and win! Click to apply. Serious Inquiries only.

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5 day Lions/Lioness Challenge

Join my free Facebook group, get in on the challenge before committing to the Lions/Lioness 3 month Program to get a taste. It happens 4 times a year.

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Raph does a great job of knowing how to push without going too far. He constantly changes workouts to address any concern. He will change your body if you give him the opportunity.

Sean, New Jersey

Shoulder was strengthened considerable. I'm active with tennis, golf, and paddle at 71 years old with minimal injury.

Charles, New Jersey

I would absolutely recommend Raphael to any of my friends or family. His approach to personal training and understanding of the body is phenomenal.

Lindsay, New Jersey

My fitness level is not only vastly improved but practical and well balanced. I've strengthened areas I hadn't realized were neglected in my prior work (well-balanced) and have achieved strength, agility and cardiovascular endurance which allows me to enjoy all facets of my life (practical).

Kirk, New Jersey



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