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Core Values

- Respect
- Reciprocity
- Growth
- Community

On his journey in life, CEO Raphael Velazquez has seen respect take him to many places and has allowed himself and others open up in ways because a baseline of RESPECT was established. When respect is given, it is usually shown back (RECIPROCITY) to the individual/ group/ community etc. (RESPECT) and (RECIPROCITY) shown by people allows for a community to really flourish (GROWTH) in ways unimaginable. It allows people to do great things to the workplace/gym/home and anywhere. Magic can be made here and this is what VELA stands by as we create our community.

As we grow as a brand, we will grow with the communities we are involved with. One hand washes the other.



This story is personal to me and will resonate with some of you. I was in Lisbon, Portugal facing the monument of discoveries. The monument of discoveries is an amazing sight. Its placed beside the Tagus river as its background. It is breath-taking.

The monument of discoveries has the outline of a cross facing away from the river and on one of its sides, it has the outline of a sailboat, with a bunch of craftsmen on it. What stood out to me, at this moment, was that all the craftsmen had different trades, but were on the same boat to go to their dreams. This resonated with me.

After a couple of minutes of reflection, my friend goes to me and says, "Rapha, look! VELA." I'm confused and only see a sailboat. I wasn't sure what he meant by it. He proceeded to educate me that VELA also means sailboat!

At this moment the reason as to why I was here clicked! People from all different walks of life come to fitness for different reasons. May it be to lose weight, gain strength, look for an active community, the underlying reason is the same. To better yourself.  VELA is here to help direct the sails of people looking to better themselves with amazing products, content, events and opportunities.

- Raphael Velazquez

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