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Carmen Carrera Collection

We are currently out of stock with the Unity and Fluid VELAband.

The Unity & Fluid VELAband

This is a movement in bringing worlds and people together through fitness. Unity and Fluid were words picked with intention.

Unity is all about coming together and. With using the transgender flags colors, we felt that this is a good way to bridge the gap between people to spark a conversation. Communication is key and everything. Fluid is about flow and neutrality. The colors picked (neon yellow/green) are about neutrality and being able to see someone and meet them where they are in the moment. Connectedness is the focus with this color.

Unity VELAband: As we focus on uniting communities through fitness, bringing awareness and including the LGBTQ community to the mix, the UNITY VELAband is a bridge to coming together.

Fluid VELAband: The shades of yellow allow for neutrality. Inclusion is what we bring with this color scheme.

Size Description

Size           Bodyweight (lbs) |  Diameter Unworn  (inches) |  Diameter Stretched & Worn (inches)

Small           >150 lbs | 13 1/4 inches | 20 inches

Medium       151- 260 lbs | 15 inches | 25 inches

What is the VELAband?

The VELAband is the go-to resistance band for squats, lateral band walks, and hip bridges that does not break, rip, roll up or dig into your skin when you use it. It is the “go-to” resistance band for travel, gym and home workouts. The design (urban camouflage) makes it stand out wherever you are making it a functional accessory with style.The tension of the band is similar to the black rubber resistance bands with none of the fuss. Correct your squat pattern, increase resistance on body-weight movements and make progress on yourself in style.

When to use the VELAband?

The VELAband is great to use when you are looking to advance your bodyweight movements and are not yet ready for barbells, kettlebells, etc. Another great use for it is for the more intermediate and advanced lifters who is short on time or has a long workout ahead of them. The VELAband allows you to do a dynamic warmup so that you can get "under the bar" sooner and save time.

Where to use the VELAband?

  • GYM - Great for the gym setting. You will stand out with the awesome camoflauge pattern.
  • Home - Kids kept you in? You lend your car to your sibling? Grab your workout inside at your convenience
  • Travel - Looking for the perfect travel tool? Search no further. With the VELAband you can workout ANYWHERE!

Who is the VELAband for?

The VELAband is great for:

Women & Men: (18-45) looking to:

             1) Define your glutes

             2) Strengthen your glutes

             3) Workout with Swag

             4) Save Time in their warmup

             5) Workout while Traveling 

Athletes looking to:

             1) Perform their dynamic lower body warm up with no problematic rubber bands digging into your skin or rolling up.

              2) Feel the muscles of the lower body working immediately



Overview - Benefits of the VELAband

  • Form Correct - Improve you squat pattern and avoid knees caving in
  • (+) Resistance - increase intensity to body-weight exercises with the VELAband
  • Efficient - Save time putting on the VELAband with no unnecessary rolling, twisting like ordinary rubber bands
  • Effective - Feel glute recruitment in just a few steps!
  • Sturdy - will not twist or roll up on your leg
  • Durable - built from high strength thermoplastic polymer fibers the VELAband will not rip like your ordinary rubber workout bands 
  • Time Efficient - Shorten your warmup with a dynamic warmup to get under the bar faster. 
  • Convenient for Travel - The VELAband is the perfect size for you to stuff it in your luggage to get your workouts in while traveling for work or vacation.
  • Style in Mind - With a never before seen Camoflauge design, you will turn heads in the gym.
  • Great Progression tool - If you're new to lifting and do not feel comfortable jumping straight into the barbell, the VELAband is perfect for you to progress from body-weight to banded workouts.



You get access to workouts and a video exercise database below.

2 Free Downloadable Workouts - Receive 2 free workouts that can be done at home, at the gym or while traveling. CLICK HERE to go to the downloads page for your awesome workout. 

Free Video exercise database - CLICK HERE To watch exercise videos demonstrating how to do several exercises.

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