VELAband (Pink Camoflauge)
VELAband (Pink Camoflauge)
VELAband (Pink Camoflauge)

VELAband (Pink Camoflauge)

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On Wednesday’s we wear pink….

The Velaband pink camouflage is for all those that want to turn heads while working on their strength, and form.

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Preorder Price: $25 (until April 15)

Release Date: April 15

The Velaband is the fitness accessory for adding resistance to lower body exercises and intensifying your dynamic warm-up while keeping fashion in mind. Once you use the Velaband, you will find that your squat mechanics will have been refined, you will feel more activation in your glutes when performing hip bridges and dead-lifts. The stronger the booty, the healthier your lower back!


Avoid knees caving in during squats and dead-lifts Continually progress lower body movements with just your body weight and the Velaband Gentlemen!!! Leg hairs will never be bothered by the soft grip on the inside of the band Enjoy the versatility of the Velaband - use it at the gym, at home, or while traveling.


Velabands ensure you can have an effective workout anywhere Vela is the fire from within that keeps you pushing forward when motivation diminishes and the sails that help get your movements going in the right direction. Vela brings quality products at amazing prices for its community. Be a part of the Renaissance.

Do you love our product but don't have a set workout routine? We have something for you.

Click here or go to our download page for your FREE VELAband lower body workout.

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VELAband (Pink Camoflauge)